Mental Health Awareness and Why You Should Care

Awareness about mental illness is key to eliminating prejudice, improving funding and creating a world where mental health is finally deemed equal to physical health.

Mental health awareness is not just about becoming aware of mental illnesses and the people it plagues, it is also about being aware of your own mental health- and we all have it.

I want people to feel free to discuss their moods, their worries, their stresses with friends and family without fear of judgement or trivialisation. I want self care to be talked about and I want people to realise how disgustingly underfunded mental health is – especially in the UK.

It’s not fair.
I would rather have my leg broken twice a year for the rest of my life than have a mental illness.
Why? Because at least then I would get treatment for it.
I’d get a cast, crutches or a wheelchair. If needed, I’d get surgery.
Can you imagine if I was left to haul round a broken leg, in agonising pain? If I was told there was an 8 MONTH waiting list to get it seen to? If I was then expected to get to work on time, to function like a responsible adult, to get to sleep at night, to take a shower, to do ‘normal things’? I wouldn’t be able to without extreme difficulty and inevitably a hell of a lot of pain.
The main difference here is that in all likelihood, my leg may heal on its own. But a mental illness? In most cases, time simply does not heal. In actuality, time exacerbates the situation. It allows illnesses to fester, it spreads and it becomes even harder to manage.

This is what most people fail to understand. Mental illnesses are debilitating. They affect every part of your life and they make even basic tasks (eating, sleeping, socialising, talking on the phone) near impossible. It isn’t nice to think about.

Perhaps that is why, despite news stories flashing up about suicides, hospital bed shortages and poor services, people aren’t paying enough attention.

So speak up, shout, scream and defend your right to be heard.


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