GAIN: #2

GAIN: #2

This is the first day in which I have reasserted my efforts to become healthy. A new phase, if you like. I have been lazy taken it easy and by doing so have given my mind and body the rest it needs.
The main task of the day was to stock up on food. I’ve been food shopping.

A mundane necessity. Also a puzzle and a frightening place for my ED. I bought many “bad” items of food, food my mind deems unhealthy but afterall- that’s exactly why I got them!

It unfortunately took me a very long time to get lunch. I kept putting it off and coming up with excuses.

I couldn’t eat until it was one pm. I hadn’t decided what I wanted. I need to brush my hair, why, that’s far more important!

Eventually it got to four thirty and I finally stomped down on the voices, got my shit together and ate. .

I’m also very aware that I need to work on my liquid intake. I am always dehydrated. And that isn’t an exaggeration in the slightest. I still find it incredibly difficult to drink (squash, juice, water) throughout the day, if at all.

It’s a case of “you don’t need this” (ridiculous).

I’m seeing my wonderful boyfriend soon and I am very excited to tell him my plan of action!



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