There Is Always Hope.

There Is Always Hope.

When you hit the sea floor, when you are utterly exhausted, devoid of substance and of life, there is one thing which remains.


To me, it is an idea, a comforting touch which generates a warm feeling, which brings with it so much comfort and solace. There is always the hope that things will change. Not necessarily get better – and I must distinguish between the two- because sometimes the idea that things can improve seems so ridiculously optimistic, so artificially bright it becomes gaudy and false… No, instead, it will change.

It is the one certainty you can hold on to. Especially as it is all around us. We see things change day by day, minute by minute. Every day the sun rises and sets, flowers bloom, creatures die, leaves fall from trees, hair falls from our heads. You too will change.

I beg you to look for the opportunity within this inevitability. Within it lies the chance to make small changes, to make different decisions, to alter. Know that you are powerful, that you have the capability to stand up, to sit down, to act, to lie still.

You are a slave to no one.

Your thoughts, your depression, your illness, is not you. It is smaller than you. You are the entity, the complete package. It cannot consume you.

Once you acknowledge your own potential, your own ability to act, the hills flatten out, the mountains become molehills and you learn to be confident as you stride out onto the ever changing road.




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