What The EU Referendum Campaign Has Taught Me.

What The EU Referendum Campaign Has Taught Me.

As we approach 23rd June, the debate about whether Britain should vote to leave or remain in the EU intensifies. With Boris backing Brexit but Cameron campaigning to stay; with Eddie Izzard’s passionate plea to remain and most recently Sir James Dyson’s  declaration of solidarity with the Brexiters, it’s all heating up and I confess, I share a concern voiced by many voters: I don’t know what to do.

There are statistics being hurdled into the mix, numbers -be it on immigration or gross contribution- in the tens of thousands being manipulated in a bid to establish the higher ground and percentages being flung at red faced opponents. Not to mention the cameron-eu-gettypredictions made by highly esteemed credit rating agencies, HM Treasury and the TUC, to name but a few, which have come falling from the heavens at an astonishing rate.

Contradictory and confusing, it’s little surprise I’m torn.

This isn’t because I haven’t done my research, nor because I am apathetic, nor ignorant for that matter. What it comes down to is an unfortunate truth us Brits don’t wish to acknowledge…

Both sides have made numerous references to control. Seeking control of immigration by bringing in an Australian style points system (Farage, I believe?) or retaining at least some control of the EU’s federalist ambitions by remaining a member state (I believe Cameron said something to 89264410_89264409this effect recently).

All around me I see people who do not know which way to vote. Some are scared to make the “wrong” decision, others are fearful of the future should we remain/stay and what comes to mind most vividly is the woman on ITV’s second episode of the EU debates who implored the politicians to tell her how to vote.

This all brings into sharp relief a truism I am only just beginning to understand myself. That uncertainty is frankly terrifying, change daunting and when the illusion of control shatters it can shake us to our collective core. And what’s more?

There’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s the nature of life, of living and breathing. We could leave the EU and watch as it flourishes in the next twenty years, or we could remain and see it fall to its knees- and fall with it. We just don’t know.

I must make reference to those highly esteemed sources I spoke of earlier- based on statistical analysis, on careful assessment from great thinkers and very intelligent people… but they are predictions, forecasts, guesses.

They cannot determine what will happen and they certainly cannot presume to produce a prophesy about the future. Nor do they pretend to.

No one knows.

We must act instead how we conduct our day to day lives. For the climate of the EU referendum, to me, is a reflection of our broader position. We don’t know how it will turn out and somehow we have to be alright with that- because what can we do?Act in the way we think appropriate, necessary, right.

We can only use our own judgement and see how the next few years unfold, on the European stage and behind the curtain in our own private lives.


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