Gain 8: Assessing the Day

See Operation: Gain #1 for what GAIN is all about…

  • I saw J and D, two of my closest friends.

They are both pursuing their dreams and that makes me very happy.

  • I ate lunch OUT!

Okay, I don’t usually go for tax-evading Starbucks, but today I did and got a very enjoyable if not calorie packed lunch.

  • I looked for the positives.

It rained. My feet got wet… but at least I had an umbrella!

I can’t get a GP appointment until next Tuesday… but at least we have an NHS!

You get the picture.

  • I have been thinking about real-life important things rather than becoming transfixed by thoughts of food and body image!
    Example #1


  • I begin an MA in September and I have chosen 5 books I intend to read (all of which are pertinent to my subject) before the summer is out! I’m going to enjoy this!

P.S. I take selfies with books :/

I recently wondered if continuing my studies was the right thing to do. Shouldn’t I just get a job? Shouldn’t I commit myself to something which will equate to guaranteed -er- income?


Learning makes me feel alive.

And that’s why I am going to do my MA.

~ Alee


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