How I Figured Out My Purpose in Life

How I Figured Out My Purpose in Life

Now, this is a big one. The big question we are all asking:

What is my purpose in this life?

Some of us go in search of the answer and expect to find a job title, a profession, a career. I utterly reject this. Instead I believe a job can form a part of our purpose, it can of course help us to achieve it, but becoming a lawyer, a teacher, a real estate agent- surely our beings cannot be reduced to an occupation!

Another misconception is that we only have one sole purpose. I firmly hold that we have numerous and they are to be found through asking a set of carefully considered questions.

When I did this myself, I put on some classic Tracy Chapman (Check her out here, seriously) which relaxed me to no end. My thoughts quietened, my muscles relaxed, I set out to answer the questions.

life-purpose-help-others-620x330I must stress the importance of taking your time with answering these. I spent at least 20 minutes answering each question, even if I was only able to scribble down a few points by the end. After all, how are you supposed to fully contemplate and appreciate the enormity of each question in a mere 5 minutes?

Pen and paper at the ready:

1.What can I do with my time, that is important to me?

Consider what actually matters to you. What would you be proud of achieving, for instance. What do you genuinely enjoy doing with your time?

2. What would you put on a personal manifesto?

Let’s get political. Except the set of goals you have span the next 50, 60, even 70 years and naturally, these should all be goals centered around yourself and your own growth. Put the obvious down – the wages, the hours you want to work- then move onto what you want day-to-day, year-to-year. What about your location? Your residence?

3. If you were kicked out of your house every day from 6:30am- 11pm, what would you do?

You’ve literally got all day. No internet. No phone. How do you choose to pass the time and where do you go? What would bring you the most joy?

4. You have a year to live. What do you do with it?

Do you think about your legacy, what do you want to leave in the minds of those you love? What do you do at Christmas, where do you celebrate New Year? What do you do day to day?

I added a follow on question where I put: “with £50,000 to spend”. Having the money (but a limited amount) really challenges you to think about what you want.

5. You can design your life. Start from scratch. What does your ideal lifestyle look like?

This requires deep thought and you can be as detailed with it as you wish. Where are you in the world, what are you doing? Also, consider WHY. Does it make you feel safe, relaxed, happy, fearless? Those are the emotions you want to experience, so chase anything that genuinely creates that feeling.

To give you an idea of the answers you might find, here’s mine. It’s a shortened version of the popular themes in the answers I wrote.

  • I want an art studio/room/shed
  • I want a mini personal library
  • living in the countryside, UK
  • a job where I can help people get where they want to be
  • exploration and travel
  • learning is a must for me
  • promote education for all

It’s not a simple sentence, but it was never going to be. I have numerous aims and goals.I think that as long as my personal and work life takes me in the direction of any one of these points then I will be well on my way to achieving my life purpose.

What does your life purpose look like? Do comment!


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