25 Things Eating Disorder Sufferers Want YOU To Know

To the families, the friends, the loved ones or simply the curious, this is for you…

  1. It is a mental illness. Which means weight gain won’t ‘cure’ me.
  2. I did not choose this. I don’t want attention.
  3. Not everyone with an ED is underweight. You can be any weight and have an ED.
  4. It’s not about food and it’s not about wanting to be thin.
  5. I can’t explain ‘why’ because it’s likely I don’t even know.
  6. EDs drain you of energy, light and hope.
  7. Never give up on me, even if I give up on myself. Your support is everything.
  8. Get angry at the ED, not me. There’s a difference.
  9. Talking helps, but don’t push it. Let me know you’re there.
  10. Try not to be awkward. Ask me how I am, be open, it’ll help.
  11. I’m still ‘me’ deep down. My illness does not define me.
  12. It’s not that I won’t eat, I can’t. Fear and anxiety can take such a strong hold.
  13. I’m not mad, I’m ill.
  14. Refrain from commenting on my body. 
  15. Refrain from commenting on my food, or how I eat it. It’s not helpful.
  16. I will get angry, depressed and extremely anxious. It’s a given.
  17. I probably don’t know what my body really looks like. See body dysmorphic disorder.
  18. An ED is an addiction.
  19. My ED wasn’t caused by the media.
  20. I’m sorry if I have caused you misery, it was never my intention.
  21. Please don’t talk about diets. Or ask me for tips.
  22. I will have bad mental health days, please bear with me.
  23. I am fighting a battle in my mind every second of the day. It’s exhausting.
  24. Recovery will take time.
  25. Your understanding, love and support means everything.

Note: ED stands for Eating Disorder.



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