To Me, Anorexia Recovery Is A Staircase.

Acceptance is the first step in recovery. If you cannot accept where you are or what you are struggling with then your journey to genuine health and happiness doesn’t have a hope in hell of starting. Acceptance of reality, especially a one we did not envisage for ourselves, is always a difficult one. Once you undertake it, however, it empowers you to change and to take hold of your life.

Unfortunately there are many more steps to climb. In recovery -if you are anything like me- you will know what it is you have to do to reach the next step. You have to eat and eat regularly, that’s a given, you have to challenge yourself on a wide variety of platforms and you have to work on your core beliefs see more.

Each step is agonising. I know, I’ve felt it too. You can sense the pain rising as you elevate your left leg, the agony takes a hold as you place it firmly on the step before you and as you shift your weight from right leg to left, you muster the strength to haul your right foot to join the other. You made it.

You gaze upwards and all you see are more steps and that in itself is intimidating enough. Some steps are higher than others, some only an inch higher than the step you’re currently on, some are a foot higher. For other steps you have to drag yourself along, using your upper body strength to hoist yourself up.

You can go at your own pace and if you must, you can rest a while, but you know soon enough that you must start moving again.

We’re all walking on our own staircase, with different sized steps and challenges to stepsovercome. You may fall down the stairs, perhaps on your bottom like a child, but we all know the journey back up the hill is twice as hard as the slide down.

As you climb each step, each uneven step, you will find that your body becomes stronger and as you continue the challenges you face become less daunting. Occasionally you will encounter a seemingly impossible step to climb (let’s say a challenging few weeks or a bit of a blip) but you push forth and you climb that step too.

Gradually, you will find that the steps themselves become longer, perhaps you will have to take a few strides before reaching the next one. At some stages, there are no visible steps. I’m not saying the steps will even out entirely -you will remain on a steady incline- but it will become easier. I must insist you keep walking, slowly if needs be, just keep walking. You will be stronger and the next time you encounter a step, well, you’ve climbed a thousand before so there’s no doubting you can do it.

This is how I now see my recovery.

Any thoughts?

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