Goodbye 2016. 2017, What will you hold for me?

I’m a few days late. We’re over a week into 2017 already, however, I desperately wanted to write a year in review for 2016, followed by postulation for this year.

There’s been a lot on social media about how 2016 has been the “worst year ever”, some saying so with a touch of hyperbole and others with genuine moroseness. Thankfully, I do not share in that despondency. At first thought, 2016 has been nothing short of a success. Mental health wise I haven’t relapsed once, sure there have been times where I have felt extremely low and I haven’t always eaten 3 meals a day and 3 snacks, sometimes my mood and intake have been less than satisfactory, however, I have kept a hold of my illnesses for the most part and I am very proud of that!

2016 was a great year academically, I graduated from my uni with a 2:1 in BA English after three years of hard work and a dissertation. There were times where Imooo genuinely thought I might not finish it, but I am so glad I did. A few months later, I started on my MA where I commenced the learning of Latin and started studying more intensively the Medieval English period.

It’s been really challenging but I have loved learning more about this wonderful period in our history.

This year has pretty much been dictated by my learning and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Aside from learning, I have also been working. In the summer, which was free, I took up a job as an English teacher for foreign students. This year I was in the UK, which isn’t as exciting as two months in China, but I still got to explore different parts of England which I had previously never visited.

During this role, I worked and saw Brighton, Portsmouth, London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire. It was taxing as I was working 12 hour days, but I earned some money and got to help others along the way (what more can I ask for?).

Sunset in Wiltshire

The third element of my 2016 was definitely travel.

My first foreign trip of the year was in February to France. I went for an extended weekend, flew out from London, spent a few days in the city of Metz with her and spent a day in Luxembourg. It was crazy but so enjoyable! I went when I should have been working on my dissertation, but hey, it all worked out in the end didn’t it?!



I love the old stuff…!
This was in Nancy

Barely a week after, I was off again to Italy with my wonderful boyfriend! You guessed it- we were headed straight to Rome! This came as a surprise a few weeks prior, it was an early anniversary present (we celebrated a year together in March) and I was absolutely delighted to be heading to Italy.

My handsome guy and I at the Trevi fountain!
We also made a trip out to Bologna and Forli (pictured)
And of course, the main event…
The walls of the Vatican City

It was quite possibly the best holiday I had ever been on! And with the man of my dreams, I really couldn’t complain!

In true 2016 style, my next holiday wasn’t far away! After a few months grafting away, I handed in my dissertation… and off we went to Croatia!

I saw my second Roman Colosseum of the year!


The weather was gorgeous…
And along with me came my fellow English students on a well needed break.

The most extravagant holiday came in the month of August. Shortly after finishing my job, my boyfriend and I jetted off to Asia to see the wonders of… NEPAL. This was all planned very last minute, but we managed to pull it off quite magnificently!

We went hiking in the Himalayas!
This was the view one morning from our bedroom!
Breakfast anyone?
The Himalayas, feat. a dog
Lumbini, The birthplace of Buddha

It was ridiculously beautiful.

In my final holiday abroad of 2016, I returned to France, this time arriving in the area of Les Vosges. I spent New Year there with friends, in a chalet atop a mountain. Not bad, not bad at all…Image may contain: mountain, sky, plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water

I got back a few days ago (hence the late writing of this post). My French is very bad, unfortunately, but I had a magnificent time nonetheless.

I went on a few UK based trips this year too, such as down to Cornwall and to the Gower in Wales. I’ve been very lucky.

2016, you’ve been ridiculous. And I’m not sure I can top that in 2017, but we’ll give it a bloody good go!


This year, I have to finish off my MA, write a 20,000 word dissertation and well, that’s about it. Come September, I’ll either be getting a full time job or going travelling for a few months. I really need to decide what the next step is for me; I’ve dedicated many years to my own education, is it time for a break? Do I get a job? Do I go travelling?

We shall see.


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